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Winterwood is located just down the street from Forest Hills Northern on Knapp Street. Every house toward the entrance has a few acres of land and each one is set back a ways from the neighborhood's main road, which winds down into the valley and all the way back to some houses which are more secluded and surrounded by forest. The houses are uniquely designed with architecture that made me drive a little slower than I probably should have. One homeowner I spoke with has lived in Winterwood for 20 years, and she didn't hesitate to express how much she loves her neighborhood---not only for its proximity to shopping, restaurants, and groceries, but also for the community found within Winterwood. Neighbors gather every year for a Christmas party and have an ongoing neighborhood book club.

I went on an all-out scouting mission to get the details on all the neighborhoods in NE Grand Rapids. See the story here, or jump to a specific neighborhood below:
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