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You can’t really know what it’s like to live in a place until you live there. That’s a problem when house hunting---how will you know if you really like this place? Your real estate agent can’t necessarily tell you the ins and outs of a neighborhood’s culture. You can’t get the feel for that by going to an open house.

So, for you dear reader/house hunter, I’ve done everything short of implanting myself in a family for a week to observe (because that would be weird and I don’t have the time) in order to get an insider scoop on neighborhoods in NE Grand Rapids---things that you wouldn’t get by looking at the outside (or even the inside) of a house. I did what any writer would do in my situation---I canvased the areas of interest like a good old-fashioned investigator. It felt a little weird to be honest. I mean really, when was the last time someone rang your doorbell? Does that even happen anymore?

Anyways, for you, I have endured the weird looks and braved the stifling heat and done your work for you: I conducted interviews with home owners in several NE side neighborhoods in order to find out why they love where they live! In the following pages, you’ll find their answers:
Balsam Waters     Catamount     Cielo     Flowers Mill     Flowers Crossing     Barton's Clearing
Lenwood Hills     Arbor Hills     Springhouse     Waterleaf     Winterwood