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Downtown outside of Town

The Center of Grand Rapids North

Knapp's Corner is the primary retail space serving northeast Grand Rapids. One of the chief considerations when buying a home on the Northeast side is the distance to Knapp's Corner.

The Knapp's Corner Meijer is one of Meijer's flagship stores, and it anchors the neighborhood by guaranteeing that virtually everything that you need is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 364 days a year. (They close for Christmas day).

The D&W across the street offers a more specialized grocery experience, and an excellent sommelier can often be found near the back to consult on all your wine buying needs. Restaurants abound. Mexican, Mediterranean, Burgers, Fondue, Salad (if you are into that), and pizza are just the beginning of your restaurant options at Knapp's Corner.

Celebration Cinema is home to West Michigan's only IMAX theater. It's a state of the art facility that is sure to be showing the latest releases in some of the most comfortable seating ever invented. Dinner and a movie at Knapp's Corner makes a great date night. Alternatively, send the kids to Knapp's Corner and you can have date night at home....

Knapp's Corner is a busy place. There isn't much in the way of housing that is located right at the corner, and quite frankly, the corner itself would not be appealing to most homeowners. That being said, some of the most desirable locations in Grand Rapids are those that are tucked away in small nearby neighborhoods... that are very close to Knapp's Corner!

If you are interested in easy access to amenities, If you want to be outside of the city, but you want all the benefits of being in the city, living near Knapp's Corner is a good bet. There are options in a wide variety of styles, neighborhoods and price ranges, that can be found within 5 minutes of this incredible location.

In fact, the world's most desirable housing development is just 1 minute from here!


FroYo Town

Pumphouse, Spoonlickers, Menchies, Coldstone

I am not sure how it happened. Apparently, the people who live near Knapp's Corner are Frozen Yogurt eaters and have attracted all of the best Fro-Yo places into a space not larger than 1/2 a mile. Pumphouse and Spoonlickers  and Menchies all specialize in the "soft serve add your own topping pay by the pound" model of the Froyo biz. Coldstone is a classic ice-cream joint that will mix in an assortment of candy into your choice of creamed ice.

This is hardly seems like a reason to relocate.....but it certainly can't hurt!

Incoming New Retail

The place where the cool stores go.

Knapp's Corner is expanding across the East Beltline to include Knapp's Crossing. Dozens of new retailers are vying for the opportunity to gain access to this incredibly desirable location. This new addition to the Corner is going to continue driving property values up.

As the value of property values continues to climb, the area continues to become more desirable for retailers. In short, Knapp's Corner is in a growth cycle that is likely to continue for many many years to come.


Want to live near Knapp's Corner?

SweetSpot has agents who live within 5 minutes of Knapp's Corner, so we know exactly what is available, and when it's coming up! If you want to get in on the Corner, we can help!