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A big old piece of land with great schools.

Forest Hills is located just outside the city of Grand Rapids and provides access to all the amenities of the city while simultaneously giving residents access to world class schools.

Technically, Forest Hills is an "unincorporated community" that exists primarily for census purposes, but locally "Forest Hills" most commonly refers to the outstanding school district by the same name.

As a school district, it encompasses portions of Ada Township, Grand Rapids Township, Cascade Township and even parts of the cities of Grand Rapids and Kentwood! Buyers who want an excellent school system and are searching for property in West Michigan, will almost always find themselves asking, "Is it in Forest Hills?"

The world class schools have  drawn people of all ages. There are 100's of million dollar homes scattered throughout Forest Hills, but incredibly, it is sometimes possible to find homes listed for under 150k!

Forest Hills covers approximately 50 square miles and virtually any type of property can be found in that space. If you are looking for an incredible condominium community in an urban setting, downtown Ada or Celadon will have what you need!

If you want to get away from your neighbors, it's easy to do! There are plenty of acreages available, and they range in size from small 1-2 acre parcels, all the way up to 20 acres or more. There are plenty of option for every kind of buyer! So --- if you are interested in moving to one of the best school districts in West Michigan. You can do it. Time to start dreaming about what kind of house you want!

Tell me more about these schools

How good are they really?

Forest Hills is home to 3 incredible high schools. Northern, Central, and Eastern are all top notch schools. As a district, only East Grand Rapids schools ranked higher. Perhaps the best thing I could possibly say about these schools is simply that I send my kids to Forest Hills... and they like it!As crazy as it sounds. My kids like their school. They must have some miracle workers on staff. In fact, I would like to give a shout out to the staff at Orchard View Elementary who worked hard this year to make sure that all 3 of my girls had a wonderful experience. It helps that the student to teacher ratio is a very low 19 to 1!

Forest Hills offers student an enormous amount of opportunity in athletics. Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Golf, Diving, Hockey, Cheer are just a FEW of the options offered by Forest Hills schools.

The world class fine arts center offers incredible opportunities in music, and performance art, as well as sculpture, and paining. Every year, incredibly talented artists (such as  STOMP and the Indigo Girls) come through Forest Hills Fine Art Center giving residents the opportunity to attend small and intimate performances.

So, in answer to my question: The schools are good. They are really, really good.

Housing Values to increase 50% in 10 years.

According to Math.

Part 1 of the equation: Demand

Forbes ranked Grand Rapids, the best city in all of the US to raise a family in 2012 and within the Grand Rapids area, Forest Hills is arguably the most desirable place to raise a family. Given the fact that people are continuing to pro-create, it is safe to say that the demand for family friendly housing is going to steadily increase!

Part 2 of the equation: Opportunity

Just this year, Grand Rapids was rated the best place for property investors in 2016. In other words, the property values are the most undervalued in the nation. Once again, Forest Hills is arguably the most desirable area in Grand Rapids.

These two factors tell me that Grand Rapids housing is going to continue to catch up to pricing in other major markets over the next few years, and Forest Hills is going to lead the way.