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Cielo in Spanish can either mean sky or heaven. I’m not sure which one the neighborhood developers were going for, but maybe both---named after the arrow-straight pines that scrape the sky and point to the heavens.

According to one home owner in Cielo, (who moved there from a nearby development called Catamount), Cielo is a great neighborhood for people who are looking for a little more privacy and don’t mind less community involvement. On the other hand, if you love the look and feel of Cielo, but DO want to be more community events with your neighbors, by all means, move there and shake things up a bit.

The houses in Cielo are all brand new or at the oldest two years old and built by some of Grand Rapids’ most reputable builders. The lots are large and those pine trees are unlike anything else in the area. And, as with any one of the housing developments in NE Grand Rapids, the location is unbeatable.

That sounds like a little taste of cielo if you ask me.


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