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Could this be the best place to live in the entire world. I say yes. 

That’s a bold claim. Am I just saying wild things in order to grab your attention? Maybe. Nevertheless! I am about to present you with a rational argument that this small community is indeed the best place to live…. in the world.

My hypothesis rests on 4 important pillars, with a very rational conclusion.


First: America is the best place to live…. in the Entire World.

Second: In all of America, Grand Rapids is the best place to live.

Third: In the Grand Rapids area, Forest Hills is the best place to live.

Fourth: Within Forest Hills, Celadon is the best place to live.

Conclusion: Celadon is the best place to live….. in the world.

 Is America really the best place in the world to live? Quite frankly… I have met very few Americans who think otherwise. Therefore, for the purposes of this article, which is primarily for the benefit of Americans who already know that America is the best…. I will rest my case. America wins. Any of you who may have lingering doubts about America being #1 would do well to remember that we have the world’s biggest military to back up our claim. And we invented fast food. I rest my case again.

Is Grand Rapids the best place to live in America? As a resident of this great city appealing to a good number of non-residents, I feel obligated to point to several third party sources to back my claim. Forbes declared Grand Rapids to be the best place in the Unites States for families in 2012, and the best place to invest in property in 2016. So…. for people interested in buying houses and then living in them…. Grand Rapids is the best place to do it. Also – we have the best beer and we offer up the world’s most lucrative prize for art. Simply stated, if you want to buy a house, or have a family, or drink beer or win money for your art…. Grand Rapids is the best place to do it.

Is Forest Hills the best place to live in Grand Rapids?

I’ve already written an entire article arguing that it is! Very simply, the world class schools, access to amenities, and commitment to ongoing development and stewardship by some of our nations greatest philanthropists, make Forest Hills one of the hottest markets in Grand Rapids!

Finally we come to Celadon, which is the focus of this fine article. Could it be that Celadon is the best place to live in Forest Hills, which is the best place in Grand Rapids, the best city in the USA, and the best nation on earth? Yes friend. It could.

Celadon is right on the edge of Forest Hills, making it a part of the very desirable Forest Hills Eastern school district. It is a 7 minute walk from Knapp’s corner where ongoing development is bringing in new restaurants and retailers. Quick highway access means that you can be downtown in 10 minutes, and on the shore of the world’s most amazing lake in 45 minutes.

Their is a pool, and an amphitheater where live music happens every summer. There are community gardens, a fire pit, a playground and even horseshoes.  Incredible architecture and neighborhood development have created a real sense of community where neighbors know and care about one another.

And so I conclude this completely unbiased report on the world’s best place to live. Congratulations Celadon. There is nowhere like home.

Disclaimer: The Author of this article lives and works in Celadon. Did I mention that sometimes there is office space available here?


Sicily in Celadon 

Licaris Sicilian restaurant anchors the southern entrance where speciality pizza, cocktails, and craft beer can be enjoyed indoors or on the patio. The pepperonis on their pizzas are unlike any I have had in my entire life. They are like little sausagie cups of goodness.

As far as I can tell, “The Nico” was invented by magicians who sprinkle fairy dust on each and every sandwich. Ridiculous. Add bacon and bleu cheese to blow your mind a second time.


Most of your cravings - handled. 

The Crushed Grape is a speciality wine shop with a knowledgeable staff and a great selection of craft beer as well. They keep a good variety of specialty chocolates on hand as well as a small assortment of cigars. If you need some emergency cheese and crackers, The Grape will have you covered! If you do happen to need something they don’t have… fear not –  Meijer is just up the road and it’s open 24/7.