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Balsam Waters is a very unique development on the NE side. While the houses in other neighborhoods are beautiful, they generally have the same aesthetic---at least from the outside. Not so in Balsam Waters. A resident told me that was his favorite part of the neighborhood, “The houses here aren’t cookie cutter,” he said. Taking a moment to look around, I realized that each house is in fact, stylistically very different than the one next to it, yet somehow none of them look out of place. Each house has features that make it stand out from the rest, and new houses are still being built even now with the same stylistic uniqueness. Home owners in Balsam Waters are a mix of families with young kids and empty nesters. Every year, Balsam Waters residents plan a big neighborhood event and are in contact with each other regularly through the neighborhood’s Facebook page. If you’re looking on the NE side of Grand Rapids, but want a house that’s a little out of the ordinary, start your search in Balsam Waters!
I went on an all-out scouting mission to get the details on all the neighborhoods in NE Grand Rapids. See the story here, or jump to a specific neighborhood below:
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