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Arbor Hills is located just down 3 mile road East of the Beltline. As a part of the Forest Hills Eastern school district, it's close to all the options Knapp's corner has to offer, but located off a road that is far less busy than Knapp or Leonard. It's quite a large subdivision with the oldest houses toward the back of the neighborhood being around 15 years old and the houses in the front around 2 years old. As I drove through, I saw no fewer than 5 families with kids out in their yards--running through sprinklers, kicking a soccer ball, playing with a new puppy. When I talked to a homeowner sitting outside watching her kids, she was quick to comment on the large number of families with children who live in the neighborhood. Just across the street from her house was a playground and in front of that, the most awesome little hutch for exhanging books. What's more neighborly than a miniature library box?!

I went on an all-out scouting mission to get the details on all the neighborhoods in NE Grand Rapids. See the story here, or jump to a specific neighborhood below:
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